• "Nothing is impossible..."

    I haven't written here in so long, and yet so much has happened. It turns out that nothing is impossible in the end. I have travelled 3000 miles, to another country, to another World. I have rediscovered things that had long been forgotten, seen places and people which were once a part of me. I have discovered new places, met new people, started a new life. When I look back on these past few weeks, I cannot help but feeling proud of myself. Prooud for having the courage to do this, it was the right thing, I know it now. For having the gumption to go out there, and get what I wanted. So many things have changed, and yet starngely I know I am the same. Perhaps that is why this feels so right. One thing remains unchanged, that feeling of belonging, that feeling that I have finally found my place in that dark space, where creation is key, and anything you can imagine can come true. I am alive again, still as silly, and still dreaming too much, but I finally feel alive again. I realize now that that plce was sucking the life out of me, sucking my dreams, my capabilities, my personnality. It was a poison, and although I miss many people, I know that I needed to rid myself of some of them. Oh, the feeling of freedom ! I no longer care, nor want. The poison is leaving my body, with every step, every breath. And the truth is, I do not know what the next step is. That is terrifying, and exhilarating at the same time. I know that whatever I will, is possible, if only I reach for it. And that feeling, is worth any sacrificce in the World. SAy hello to the new me, the White Rabbit. I am no longer follwing him, I am him.

    Ready, Set, go...

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