• J'ai pensé à ces règles, qui auraient étés nécssaires si j'étais allée dans un lycée aux Etats-Unis. Marrez-vous.

    1. You a Senior ? They why are you talking to one.

    2. When in the cafeteria, if you are not part of a group, you do not sit with one. If you have no group, consider the bathroom as your safest option.

    3. Be yourself they say. Yeah, right.

    4. If you want to drool at some hottie, make sure he's not a Senior, a football player, or the boyfriend of a Missy, Amanda, Pamela or anything ( cheerleader ) of the sort.

    5. When given the choice of extra-curicular activities, don't under any circumstances, choose The Chess Club, Mathletes, Warhammer Club, Magic trading cards Club, or the Science Club. As the Mean Girls would say, it's social suicide.

    6. If you're buying your clothes at a thrift store, swtch to somewhere, anywhere in the mall if you don't want to be called original. In other words : a freak.

    7. The coolest guy in school ( Brad, a football player who just broke up with Shelley the cheerleader ) has just actually talked to you. He noticed you in Drama class, when you were playing Juliet and him, Romeo. What do you do ? a) Talk back, make a date. b) Say you're flattered and say goodbye. c) Run away. Now if you answered a, you'll be lucky to survive the day, and especially Shelley's 45$ manicured nails. If you answered b, you might have a chance to live until the ae of well, next week when he talks to you again and you accept a date. If you answered c, you will live many moons.

    8. If any one asks, your favorite hang-out is the mall, the mall, and the mall. Not in any case the art museum or the theater. Favorite movies : Pretty Woman and Bring it on. Oh and your favorite subject is boys. Trust me. It is.

    9. Speaking of boys, if you like one, and it's not Brad, don't tell anyone. You'll be original. (cf 6)

    10. If you manage to survive your Junior and Sophmore years, you're out of luck. The Senior one is the worst. Two words : Senior Prom. And none of the rules will help you survive it. Sorry. In any case, it was nice knowing you.

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  • Robin is sitting in a corner of his cell. His legs are laying straight out in front of him and his arms are hanging limply by his side. His head is bowed and his hair is hiding his face. His cell door opens and Marion/E comes in. The door closes behind her but he doesn't move.

    Marion/E : Robin ?

    Robin looks up. His face is beat up and some blood is trickling out of the corner of his mouth. He wipes it away quickly with the back of his hand when he sees her looking at it.

    Robin : (sarcastic/exhausted) In case you hadn't noticed, your fiancé has already come to visit.

    Marion/E : I didn't come to visit you.

    Robin : Then perhaps your fiancé has sent you to get the information he was unable to get ?

    Marion/E : Michael, (she sighs and pauses for a second), Michael didn't send me. (she looks down) In fact, he doesn't even know I'm here.

    Robin : Then why are you here ? Would you mind being quick about whatever it is because in case you couldn't tell, I'm rather busy at the moment.

    Marion/E : I came, ( she looks back up at him), because I want the truth.

    Robin : Ah... The truth. And what do you want the truth about ?

    Marion/E : I want to know why you killed my parents.

    Robin : (surprised) What ?!

    Marion/E : I want to know why you killed my parents.

    Robin : (coldly) I heard you the first time.

    Robin gets up and walks to the other side of the cell. Marion persists in talking to him.

    Marion/E : I know they couldn't pay their taxes, but was that a reason to kill them in cold blood ?!

    Robin leans against the wall and runs his fingers through his hair. Then he turns around to face Marion/E.

    Robin : What has he told you ?

    Marion/E : What do you mean ?

    Robin : What did he tell you about your parents' death ?

    Marion/E : That's what I want you to tell me about.

    Robin : Yes I know. Just, please...

    Marion/E : He told me that you were the officer in charge of collecting taxes at that time and that you were the one who had killed my parents and tried to kill me.

    Robin : And you believe that ?

    Marion/E : Why wouldn't I ? He saved my life !

    Robin : What if I told you that I wasn't your parent's murderer ? That in fact I was the one who had saved you that day in the woods ?

    Marion/E  : I didn't come here to hear your lies. I came here to hear you confess your crimes.

    Robin walks quickly over to her and takes her head in his hands. She tries to pull away but he holds her even more firmly.

    Robin : My only crime that day, was to leave you, and to not react sooner.

    She pulls away.

    Marion/E : You already told me that you were responsible for their death !

    Robin : I feel as though I am. I didn't react when he killed your father and I hesitated too long before going into that house. If I hadn't, I would have perhaps been able to save your mother. And if I ahdn't left you...

    Marion/E : Why do you deny me the only thing I ask for  I just want the truth Robin !

    Robin : (he moves towards her again) And that's what I'm giving you !

    Marion/E turns her back on him and he goes over puts his hand on her shoulder.

    Robin : Elizabeth, you have to believe me. I wasn't the officer in charge. Michael was. I was only...

    She turns around quickly, tears running down her face, but trying to keep calm.

    Marion/E  : My name is Marion ! Elizabeth is dead ! She was murdered 11 years ago ! As were her parents !

    She knocks on the door, and a guard opens it. Robin tries to persue her but another guard comes in and hits him. He staggers back a few steps, then tries to follow her again but the guard slams the door. He hits it with his body, then takes hold of the bars in the opening and starts yelling after Marion/E.


    Marion/E turns down the corridor on her left and Robin stops. Discouraged, he hits the door, then starts to pace his cell.


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  • Bon, je vous l'avez dit, j'allais mettre des choses que j'étais en train d'écrire, que je voulais que vous "critiquiez". Alors voila, ce sont des parties de choses différentes, en vrac. Je ne vous raconte pas le background des histoires, à vous d'imaginer ce que vous voulez... 

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